WIN Nozzle - 450 1/4"

WIN Nozzle - 450 1/4"

The WIN NOZZLE SYSTEM has been developed and patented as a simple solution for high production, dust free blasting which can be used with your existing pressure blast equipment.

The system can be used with water from a tap or rust inhibitors introduced though any simple pump. No special equipment is required and you will get the highest performance possible in wet abrasive blasing technology.

  • Simple, low cost operation
  • No special equipment reqired
  • Low pressure water source.
  • Minimal water consumption:1 - 6 litres per minute dependent on level of dust suppression desired.
  • Dual operation as a dry or wet blast nozzle
  • The WIN system performs as well as any wet as any wet blast system at the fraction of the cost


Style 50 mm

Bore Size mm

        Air Consumption

       l/s  -  CFM - m3/min

       38      80        2.30



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